8 Creative and Crafty DIY Halloween Crow Decor ...


Black birds are huge this time of year so I thought we should ride the trend by giving you this list of DIY Halloween Crow Decor.

These DIY Halloween Crow ideas will be perfect for giving your home an eerie and creepy vibe this month.

I highly recommend these crow-inspired Halloween decor over spiders, really.2

Because, yes, I am scared of spiders but also because crows are more poetic.

1. Faux Frames

Faux Frames

These crow art pieces look like they have wrought iron frames, don't they?

Would you believe that these frames are made of epoxy paste?

I think it's all sorts of clever.

The great thing about this "framing method" is that the final look add a sinister air to the whole crow decor.

2. Dotty Frames

Dotty Frames

Take an unused frame, add dotted paper backing in Halloween colors, and glue a crow to the center.

Congratulations, you just made a cool and crafty DIY Halloween crow decor! I love this handmade idea because it gives you an excuse to buy that ornate and somewhat weird frame from the local thrift store.

3. Display Plates

Display Plates

If you want your DIY Halloween crow decor to have an element of shabby chic, these stenciled display plates are for you.

What you do is trace bird stencils onto the plates, paint in black, and then hang using plate hangers.

Easy, right?

Check out the link for the bird templates that you can download.

4. The Hideout

The Hideout

Here is a DIY Halloween crow idea that will involve a pumpkin.

Other things that you will need are dowel, artificial crows, raffia, and tools for drilling on the pumpkin.2

What you will do is assemble a Halloween decor that will make it look like the crows have claimed the pumpkin as their home.

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