33 Crafty Ways to Use Old Magazines ...


Despite the vast quantity of digital material we read there's nothing like a shiny glossy printed magazine is there?

But what do you do when you finally decide to get rid of your stockpile?

Don't throw them in the recycling because there are some very crafty ways to use old magazines.

1. Magazine Gift Bags

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Via {Tutorial Tuesday} Magazine & Paper ...

Don't buy gift bags.

Make your own.

2. Don't Have a Bow?

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Via 23 Tricks To Take The ...

You can make one out of magazine pages

3. Subway Art


Via Subway word art: a DIY ...

Paste your favorite inspirational words and phrases cut from magazines to make a motivation board.2

4. Art Vase


Via 30 Genius Things to Make ...

Make your own unique piece of art.

5. Recycled Magazine Basket


Via calico: recycled magazine basket

Time to get weaving.

6. Confetti Magazine Bowl

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Via Confetti Magazine Bowl - Think ...

You need patience to tear up the magazine pages into confetti pieces.

7. Heart-shaped Dish

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Via Things to Make From Magazine ...

The link will take you to a tutorial on how to roll magazine pages which will help you with many of these crafts.

8. DIY Art

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Via Art Wall Evolution

Just strips of magazine glued to a canvas

9. Party Balls


Via Mark Montano: PARTY BALLS!

A great way to make cheap party decorations.

10. Collage

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Via Make a Mod Podge Silhouette ...

This looks more difficult than it really is.2

11. DIY Wreath

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Via michele made me: Series 6: ...

so easy and so effective.

12. Photo Frame

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Via 35 New Uses For Old ...

13. Woven Basket

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Via ...

That's quite an amazing way to use old magazines.

14. Rolled Paper Wreath


Via sol y sombra: December 2009

Stick a mirror in - yes?

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