7 Unique Towel Holders You Can Make Yourself ...


If you are having storage issues in your bathroom (whether you have a small or a large bathroom) you might think of unique DIY towel holders to keep away some of the clutter. You don’t need to spend a fortune if you want to redecorate your bathroom. You can use things found in nature or you can recycle old materials. Just be creative, have fun and add some character to your bathroom. Here are 7 unique DIY towel holders that will inspire you to look at a towel holder in a whole new way:

1. Turn a Headboard into a Towel Rack

Turn a Headboard into a Towel Rack

If you are looking for unique DIY towel holders, then this is one of the easiest projects you can choose. Just use an old headboard, cut the legs off with a saw, sand down the headboard, prime and paint it and then just add hardware with a drill. If you can’t find a headboard, you could simply use a plain piece of wood.

Rope-Shaped Towel Holders
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