7 Awesome DIY Decor Ideas for Teens ...


Teens like to make a statement with how they decorate their rooms and with these creative DIY decor ideas for teens, they can really make their statement unique. From fun DIY wall art to creative furniture pieces, your teens will want to make all of these and keep repurposing them for new ideas. Get funky and crafty this weekend with these DIY decor ideas for teens that will last well into adulthood!

1. DIY Wall Collage

DIY Wall Collage

The great thing about many DIY decor ideas for teens is how unique and creative they can be, like this one. You can start out with a few framed photos and start adding different things along the way. Print out your favorite quotes, paint a silhouette on a blank canvas, and create your own embroidery hoop art to put together your own amazing DIY wall collage filled with personality that represents who you are. The possibilities are endless.

DIY Headboard
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