7 Unicorn-themed Crafts to Make Your Life Colorful and Happy ...


If you're in the mood for some magical DIYs, look no further than these unicorn craft projects. These are so insanely cute, you'd want to tackle all ideas. Whether for you or for a magic-loving kid in your life, these unicorn DIYs are sure to bring plenty of smiles. Check out the craft projects below and prepare to have a dose of colorful magic in your life. Enjoy!

1. Accent Wall

Accent Wall

Nothing says magic than a giant DIY unicorn wall art. This creature was painted onto the wall using regular paint. The pattern was created with the help of handy-dandy painter's tape. To trace a unicorn pattern onto your wall, you might need a projector. Of course, drawing directly on the wall could work, too.

Source: skunkboyblog.com

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