8 Simply Amazing Ways to Give Wooden Bangles a Crafty Makeover ...


Any true-blue fashionista has a stack of wooden bangles on her dresser.

But if you want something truly unique and beautiful, we suggest giving wooden bangles a crafty makeover.

For fantastic ideas, check out the DIYs below.

They're cute and are sure to make your wrist bling adventures extra fun.

1. Cover Them with Fabric

Cover Them with Fabric

These DIY wooden bangles are all sorts of pretty!

They are quite easy to make as well.

You simply cut strips of beautiful fabric and then Mod Podge them around the wooden bangles.

Let dry and wear to complete your favorite outfit.

Make sure to use fabric strips with lovely prints.

Source: sarahhearts.com

2. Add Pretty Pennant Flags

Add Pretty Pennant Flags

How cute is this DIY wooden bangle?

This particular project calls for the use of Mod Podge as well.

But instead of fabric strips, you will be adding paper pennant flags onto the surface of the wooden bangle.

Before you do that, though, you will want to paint the bangle first.

Use a color that will complement the prints or hues of your paper flags.

Source: modpodgerocksblog.com

3. Glue Vintage Accessories

Glue Vintage Accessories

Got old pieces of jewelry that have seen better days?

Disassemble some of them and then use your favorite parts to give wooden bangles a sparkly makeover.

You will need only industrial glue for this project.

E600 should work perfectly.

Source: swingingonastarcreations.blogspot.com

4. Knit over Them

Knit over Them

Doesn't this DIY wooden bangle look cozy?

For those who feel that a wooden accessory is too hard on the wrist bone, adding a cozy knitted cover is just the ticket.

Putting a cute heart bead is optional but it's a detail that we feel should not be skipped.

Source: bloglaunchfemininetouch.blogspot.co.uk

5. Wrap with Ribbon

Wrap with Ribbon

This is one lush bangle.

It is the perfect combination of sexy and stunning.2

The great thing about this fun jewelry DIY is that you can go about it in so many ways and the end results will range from cute to ultra hot.

You can choose plain ribbon in dark colors or go for printed material.

The possibilities are endless.

Source: confettiworkshop.blogspot.com

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