Buh-Bye Tangled Mess: Organize Your Earbuds with These 22 DIY Projects ...


There's nothing more frustrating than trying to untangle your earbuds...

they were perfectly wound when you put them in your bag, but now they look like a troop of Boy Scouts used them to practice their knots.


Let's have a peek at a few DIYs to keep your earbuds organized and knot-free — and away from Boy Scout knots!

(To see the instructions, tap the image.)

1. Crochet the Cords

Crochet the Cords
Via a few good things: on

2. Use a Boring Binder Clip

Use a Boring Binder Clip
Via 17 DIY Office Hacks to

3. CleveR Clothespins

CleveR Clothespins
Via 5 Easy And Adorable Ways

4. Leathery Goodness

Leathery Goodness
Via 21 Inspired Christmas Gift Ideas

5. Wrap 'em up

Wrap 'em up
Via Start Acting My Age: Wrapped2

6. Upcycle a Pill Bottle

Upcycle a Pill Bottle
Via 17 Ways To Repurpose Prescription

7. Felty Friends

Felty Friends
Via iPhone 6 Case, iPhone 6

8. Give Them a (Koala) Bear Hug

Give Them a (Koala) Bear Hug
Via Items similar to Bear Classic

9. Snap Them in

Snap Them in
Via DIY Triangle Earbud Holder (Leather

10. Granny's Glasses Case

Granny's Glasses Case
Via 26 Resolutions To Keep You

11. Zip It!

Zip It!
Via How-To: Zipper Earbud Covers

12. Make Your Own Cordito

Make Your Own Cordito
Via Cool Mom Tech: coolest apps

13. Oh! a Kitty!

Oh! a Kitty!
Via Items similar to Kitty Cozy

14. Friendship Bracelets... for Your Earbuds!

Friendship Bracelets... for Your Earbuds!
Via Cool Headphones – Wrapped Headphones

15. Make a Wee Pouch

Make a Wee Pouch
Via Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Tutorial

16. Charge It!

Charge It!
Via How to Turn Old Credit

17. Simplicity

Via DIY earbud holder

18. Corky

Via Solutions blog

19. Clippie

Via 13 Unexpected Organizers

20. Old Tape Dispenser

Old Tape Dispenser
Via Wrap Headphones Inside an Old

21. Get Twisty

Get Twisty

22. Put a Bow on It

Put a Bow on It
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