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It’s hard to find ways to redecorate your home without breaking the bank. When it comes to redecorating homes, most people think of renovations or new furniture and both these options can be costly. However, there are cheap and effective ways to redecorate your home as well. Here’s a few ways to redecorate your home without doing anything drastic.

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Plants Using plants is one of the easiest ways to redecorate your home cheaply. Plants add a vibrant and eco-friendly vibe to your home. Plus, there are hundreds of different types of plants available to decorate your home with. Furthermore, for those of you who are too busy to care for plants there are plants, soils, and apparatuses available so you don’t need to “feed” or water them as often.


Vintage Decor

Vintage Decor Do you or your parents have any furniture left from decades before? If so, change the theme of one of your rooms to a vintage room. Your friends will become nostalgic any time they come over! Plus, people are always trying to get rid of their old furniture online for very little to no money at all. With a little TLC you can have a room that’s a blast from the past.


Rearranging Furniture

Rearranging Furniture Another easy way to redecorate your home is just by moving your furniture around. The way your furniture is displayed in rooms can trick the eye in to making it look bigger or smaller and cramped or spacious. So if you want a bigger house without moving or a cozy, intimate feeling then start experimenting with the placement of your furniture.



Details Rather than changing something obvious like the colour of your walls or the carpet, change the smaller things instead. For example, changing the colour of your curtains, throw pillows on your couch, and vases will completely change the mood of the room.



Refurbish If you have furniture that is years old but you’re not really digging the “vintage” look, try refurbishing your furniture. For example, reupholstering your couches and painting your coffee table will make your furniture not only look good as new but it’s much cheaper than buying all new furniture. Make it a family project.


Multipurpose Items

Multipurpose Items If you’re really going for a trendy new look, you have to think outside of the box! Speaking of boxes, try stacking crates (that are sanded and treated) to create unique side tables. Or, turn an old, French door in to a glamorous, new coffee table! Anything is possible if you open your mind to the possibilities! For more ideas, check out the Internet – it’s a great way to get some inspiration and find some DIY projects.



Purge The best way to redecorate your house isn’t by adding new furniture and decor, but getting rid of old, broken, unused, or illogical furniture! I mean yes, that lava lamp from the 90s was totally relevant at one point and cost you a lot of money but maybe it’s time to say goodbye.

Redecorating your home can be fun and it doesn’t need to be costly! With that being said, you can decorate your home more often as well as redecorate more rooms inside your home. What are other ways to redecorate your home without doing anything drastic?

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