7 Colours for 7 Rooms ...

By Ceri

7 Colours for 7 Rooms ...

When decorating a home and making it your very own, it can be difficult to consider which are the best colours for which room. But did you know, despite personal preference, many colours evoke certain feelings? These should be considered when selecting the best colours for your castle. Before you make your bed-room and lie in it, consider these colour combinations and their subconscious connotations and which are the best colours for your home.

1 It’s All Yellow

Let’s start off with a practical room, and which are the best colours for a study or office. Forget cowardice, yellow is the colour of the mind, happiness and intellect. Yellow is also the colour of optimism and cheer. This is the best colour for an office as it will inspire your mental strength. You don’t have to be brash; some yellow daffodils and scattered cushions in a white room will add some optimism and charm.

2 Serene Green

For a restful night’s sleep – go green. Now I don’t mean recycled wallpaper or hemp sheets, I mean the colour! Green is the colour of nature, of serenity and of balance. It is also the colour of fertility and healing. Green is a colour attributed to calm and scents such as lime, apple and other pure fruits that will inspire a refreshed morning. Step away from the pink and lilac, and try light green to help you have a restful night's sleep.

3 Fire Your Passion

You may be less concerned with a good night's sleep than you are a passionate bedroom? If that’s the case, consider orange for your boudoir. Yellow is the colour of happiness and red the colour of energy. Together, they subconsciously evoke feelings of passion, enthusiasm, creativity, happiness and fascination…what else do you want in your love nest?

4 Blue Bathrooms

Hardly original, but it’s not surprising that blue is the go to colour of bathrooms. The colour of sky and water, blue has become a cliché. But, did you know that blue is the colour of confidence? Avoid the wavy blue tiles and shells, and go for a strong cobalt or royal blue to inspire confidence, which is just what’s needed when you catch a glimpse in the steamed mirror when hopping out of the shower. It will help you feel more confident and self-assured – in theory!

5 Monochrome Chic

Shades of grey, monochrome and charcoal are perfect for a living room. Black being the colour of elegance and power, white being the colour of purity and goodness, greys are the perfect combination to complement all characters in the household for an amicable family room.

6 Purple Playroom

Did you know that 75% of children, male and female, prefer purple to any other colour? Purple, being a colour rarely seen in nature, is often associated with magic, mythology and imagination. This helps children channel their creativity and imagination, and in an age of internet, game consoles and information overload – this colour will help children be children!

7 White is Bright

When in need of a room to retreat into, white is a right choice. Whether it be a conservatory, a spare room or wherever it may be you want to indulge some “me time,” white is a wonderful choice. Being a blank canvas, white walls can allow you to incorporate some coloured flowers from the above list when you need to be guided in a certain emotional direction.

Of course, your home is your castle and your taste is your own. But, consider the subconscious impact that colours have on you before you deck your halls in the latest trends. Trends and colours fade and your tastes will change over time, so why not consider the meanings behind colours before you commit?

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