7 Absolutely Gorgeous Patterns for Home Dcor ...


7 Absolutely Gorgeous Patterns for Home Dcor ...
7 Absolutely Gorgeous Patterns for Home Dcor ...

If you’re looking to revamp your home, patterns for home decor are the perfect way to do it. You can use patterns to inject personality into your home without having to shell out a ton of money or spend hours on the job. Patterns are perfect for items that are small, but also work for bigger pieces. Choose patterns for home decor that reflect your personal style, but that also match the rest of the room.

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Chevron Chevron is one of my favorite patterns for home decor. It comes in so many colors and hues that you won’t have any problems finding the right one for your home. Chevron fabric makes great curtains in large rooms, like the den or your living room. It also works great for throw pillows and tablecloths. Chevron is a pattern that’s super easy to pair with other patterns too, so don’t be afraid to mix it with the rest of the choices on this list.


Polka Dots

Polka Dots It’s hard not to smile when you see polka dots! They can be small or large, but either way, they’re sure to give your rooms that little something extra. Mix polka dot sheets or a dust ruffle with a great patchwork quilt. Add polka dot pillows to your favorite armchair or hang some cheery polka dot curtains in your kitchen or sunroom. Be sure you choose a color family that blends with your current décor to avoid that dreaded tacky look.



Floral I tend to stay away from florals because it’s so easy to wind up with a bad 1970s look that will have everyone talking. And not in a good way. The great news is that you can find awesome florals in fun colors that don’t look like Grandma’s favorite house dress. Think large retro flowers instead of small floral roses. Use floral patterns on towels in your guest bathroom or to liven up the chairs in your breakfast nook. A great floral tablecloth is also perfect!



Stripes Much like the zigzag stripes of a great chevron fabric, traditional stripes are ideal for most rooms. Choose wide or thin stripes or opt for a pattern that mixes them together. Stripes can easily take over a room so go easy on them. Throw pillows, rugs or placemats are great items to choose in striped patterns. Again, make sure you choose stripes in the same color family as your current décor or they’re just going to stand out and look funny.



Checkerboard It’s not right for everything, but checkerboard patterns are fun in some rooms. They are funky and fresh in a small, retro kitchen and make a great choice for throw pillows in the living room or on your bed. You don’t want to go all out with checkerboards, but adding a small dose of it around the house is a fun and unique way to inject some pattern and flair into your favorite rooms.



Nautical It waxes and wanes as a trendy look, but nautical themed patterns are easy to incorporate into your home without changing anything. Even if you don’t currently own a beach property. Coral, rope and anchors are some of the most popular. They look great in guest bedrooms or sunrooms. Go for navy blue with coral or gray with turquoise to really give things a boost.


Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes It makes me think 1980s too, but there are modern ways to mix shapes into your home décor. Try small circles for throw pillows or opt for a collection of squares on an accent wall in your hallway. You can add square photo frames to give the look a contemporary feel. Stay away from neon shapes or you will be stuck back in the time of big hair and even bigger shoulder pads.

What’s your favorite pattern? I love chevron, but I’m the kind of person who just buys what I like and finds a place for it later.

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