7 Utterly Adorable Projects for a Baby's Room ...


Here are some lovely projects for a baby's room. If you've got a little one of your own, it's fun to make something personal for them. Or if you have a friend or relative who's about to become a parent, handmade gifts are so much nicer than something you've bought in a store. Try these projects for a baby's room - they're all pretty easy …

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Changing Mat


This is one of the most practical projects for a baby's room, and would make a lovely gift. Parents would really appreciate this. Considering the purpose of a baby mat, it's bound to need washing frequently, so why not make a spare as well? Creatively, this project is fun as you can use any combination of fabric colors. You won't need too much fabric for it either.




Babies love to have something to look at when they're lying in their crib, and this cute mobile is just the thing. It might take you a while to cut out and make all the pieces, but the results will be worth it. This is a great project for using up fabric scraps if you don't have the time or the inclination to make a quilt. It would look great in a combination of colors and patterns.


Burp Cloth


Every parent knows that babies tend to spit up food and milk, so these burp cloths would be very useful. They're made using cloth diapers, so if you have some that are past their best from your older children, those diapers could have a second use. These cloths would make a very practical present.


Crib Toy Bag


Your baby has probably been given so many stuffed toys that they're taking up a lot of space in his crib. This is where a toy bag comes in very handy to keep their toys close by and organised. The bag can be made in one or more fabrics to match the color scheme of the baby's room. It's also another practical idea to make as a gift for a friend.


Bean Bag Letters


Here's a lovely way of personalising your child's room. Bean bag letters can be used for toys, teaching your child their first letters, or for decorating their room. You can use any fabric that you have handy. It's also a good way of using old pantyhose that have laddered - simply cut them into small pieces and use them to stuff the letters. You'll save on buying stuffing and avoid throwing your hose into the garbage.


Birthday Banner


What a brilliant way of marking your child's birthdays! Make one of these banners for their first birthday and watch it grow over the years. Take the banner out for their birthday, or leave it up to decorate a wall in their room. You could also make one with family photos.


Taggie Blanket


Babies love to explore their environment, and play with anything within reach. Taggie blankets are designed to provide a safe means of doing this. It's a very useful project for using up small scraps of fabric to make the tags. You can also use wide ribbon for the tags.

Making projects for a baby's room is fun, and a lovely gift for parents. You can be creative and give the baby a personalised gift. Parents will also appreciate useful gifts such as blankets and toys. What do you most wish you'd had for your baby?

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