17 Hallway Decor Inspos πŸ’‘ That'll Make You Wanna Redo πŸ›  Yours Right Now ☝🏼️ ...


I just brought a house in August and I have two different hallways that I want to redo.

What's the first thing that you do when you want to redo a room – or hallway in your house?


You find out what is out there for you to do and that's what I did – and below are my fave hallway inspos!3

1. Those Rugs Though!!

Those Rugs Though!!

This one is BEAUTIFUL, the pictures, the chair, the rugs – awesome!

2. That Wall!

That Wall!

Ever think about doing something at the end of your hallway like this?

3. All the Storage You Could Want

All the Storage You Could Want

And all the quotes you could want!

4. Books on Walls

Books on Walls

I never thought about doing this!

5. Simple and Refined

Simple and Refined

Wood everywhere in the world.

6. Blue Seas

Blue Seas

I love the curtains and the floor in this hallway.

7. Window Art

Window Art

These look beautiful in any hallway!

8. All the Books

All the Books

My wife is a huge reader and this would be a fantastic hallway for her!

9. The Beautiful Windows

The Beautiful Windows

I love how this one has windows inside and shows the next room, it's so unique!

10. Rustic Chic

Rustic Chic

I love the table and all the decor!

11. All about the Tile

All about the Tile

It's ALL about the black and white tile in this one … I love it!2

12. Breathtaking Chandelier

Breathtaking Chandelier

I love the bulbs and that mirror, so pretty!

13. The Blue Door Takes It

The Blue Door Takes It

That's it, I'm painting my door blue.

14. Large Picture Window is My Fave!

Large Picture Window is My Fave!

I also love the skylight.

15. Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse Chic

Everything about this makes me jelly.

16. Modern Touches

Modern Touches

Seesaw table is so pretty!

17. Elegant Beauty

Elegant Beauty

I think this is so simple yet so graceful.2

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