19 Delightful 😁 Valentine's Day Decor 🎀 Ideas 💡 ...


With Valentine's Day around the corner, it's time to start decorating the house!

We rounded up some cute, creative, and wonderfully romantic ideas to help you with your V-Day decor!

Check them out and feel free to share any of YOUR ideas/faves in the comments!

1. M&Ms Topiary


Those pink, red, and white circles are M&Ms!

Very cool, yes?

If you want to make your own, you will need a flower pot, a round Styrofoam ball, a wooden post or dowel, paint, Valentine's Day M&Ms, ribbon, moss, and hot glue.

2. Tissue Paper Fringe


Tissue paper is always a handy craft material to have.

If you happen to have some in pink and red, you can use them to make this lovely fringe Valentine's Day decor.

This is a simple cutting and gluing project that your kids can help you with.

3. Jar Candles


Here is an idea that can prove useful come Valentine's night.

You can use these to set the tone in your home for that lovely dinner you are planning.

4. Mailboxes

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These are all sorts of adorable!

These would be great for writing notes to members of your family.2

Perhaps you can write a note a day until the 14th?

The mailboxes used here were bought in Target.

They were then glued to spray painted candlestick holders and embellished with scrapbook paper letters.

5. Paper Rosettes


These are absolute darling as well.

And so easy to do!

If you can't find wooden hearts, you can always use cardboard or card stock.2

I think foam sheet will work, too.

6. Bouquet Ball


How cute is this Valentine's Day decor?

Much like the first tutorial, you will need a Styrofoam ball to make this lovely project.2

You will hot glue silk flowers to it and then hang using pretty ribbon.2


Heart Trees
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