Try These Amazing Ways to Make Your Room Feel Romantic ...


Do you want your room to feel more romantic? If it's sadly in need of updating, it won't feel romantic and welcoming. But a few simple touches will bring it up to date and make it a place you want to be with your partner, or just relax by yourself. Here's some amazing and easy ways to make your room feel more romantic …

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Out with the Old - Treat Yourself to New Bed Linen

Out with the Old - Treat Yourself to New Bed Linen Your room can't possibly be romantic if it doesn't have the right bed linen. So throw out any sheets, pillows or covers that are past their best, and treat yourself to some new bed linen. It doesn't have to be expensive, and will make a huge difference. A simple but pretty throw and comfortable pillows will make your bedroom a relaxing and inviting space.


Get the Lighting Right

Get the Lighting Right It's important to get the lighting right for a romantic feel. Install a dimmer switch so that you can turn the lighting up or down as needed, or get some bedside lamps. You could also string up some fairy lights - they're not just for Christmas, and will look beautiful behind your bed. And of course candles will not only add a delightful scent to the room, but are the most romantic form of lighting there is!


Banish Your TV, Tablet or Laptop

Banish Your TV, Tablet or Laptop Resist the temptation to have a TV in your room, and keep it in the lounge. Nor should you take your laptop, phone or tablet into your bedroom. They'll disturb your sleep and distract you from other, more romantic pursuits! Your bedroom should be a place where you can withdraw and relax.


Cover Your Windows with Luxurious Curtains

Cover Your Windows with Luxurious Curtains Curtains are a big part of creating a romantic room, as they cover such a wide area. Even the smallest budget can have a romantic window treatment. Velvet curtains will make your room look warm and luxurious, but if you're strapped for cash some gauzy curtains will look gorgeous.


There's Nothing Romantic about Mess - Clear and Clean It up!

There's Nothing Romantic about Mess - Clear and Clean It up! Give your room a thorough clean and tidy. Piles of laundry, shopping bags and general mess aren't going to create much of an atmosphere. If you keep the room tidy and organised, you'll feel more comfortable and relaxed. Put away all the clutter and objects that don't belong in the room.


It Makes 'Scents' to Have Flowers & Candles

It Makes 'Scents' to Have Flowers & Candles While you're cleaning and tidying, open the windows to let plenty of fresh air circulate. Fresh air will make the room more inviting. You should also add some flowers or scented candles to help create a pleasant smell; diluting essential oil in water will make a natural spray that smells absolutely divine.


Make It a Haven

Make It a Haven Your bedroom should be a place you go to relax alone or enjoy time with your partner. It shouldn't be a place to work, or where all the clutter of the house lives. Make your room a haven by banishing anything that doesn't belong there, and only go there when you want to relax or sleep.

Keep your room clean and organised if you want it to be romantic and inviting. Make it a space where you want to relax, and where it's a pleasure to be. What would you have in your perfect bedroom?

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