9 Steps to Making Your Own DIY Washi Tape Honeycomb Wall Clock ...


9 Steps to Making Your Own DIY Washi Tape Honeycomb Wall Clock ...
9 Steps to Making Your Own DIY Washi Tape Honeycomb Wall Clock ...

A DIY washi tape honeycomb wall clock is just the right décor to give your home a jolt of color. The great thing about this project is that it can be accomplished using materials that you probably already have in your home. If you can't find washi tape, any decorative tape will do, too. In fact, for this DIY honeycomb wall clock, I used fabric tape. Let's take a look at the steps below:

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Materials To make a DIY washi tape honeycomb wall clock, you will need the following: cardboard, hot glue, double-sided tape, embroidery hoop (8 inches will do), washi or any decorative tape, scissors, X-Acto knife, and a clock mechanism. You can get the latter at any craft store. You can also choose to use the mechanism of any store-bought wall clock.



Honeycomb The photo above shows a honeycomb template that you can use. Save it to your computer and print. Cut the honeycomb and use it as guide for making more cardboard honeycomb pieces. To be safe, cut up to 25 honeycomb pieces for your wall clock.



Base After you cut the honeycomb pieces, arrange them on top of another cardboard. Arrange them any way you want until you have the shape that you like. I arranged mine with allowance between each piece. You can do the same or have the pieces very close together. Cut your cardboard base following the placement of your honeycomb pieces.



Center Do not forget to make a hole in the center of the cardboard base and one of your honeycomb pieces. You will insert the clock mechanism through this hole. Use a sharp X-Acto knife to make a precise cut.



Washi Now we turn to the fun part -- adding tape! You can go for a certain color scheme for your washi tapes. You can use only plain or go crazy like I did with the floral and printed patterns. I went for mostly warm colors. Tape them onto your honeycomb cardboard pieces horizontally.



Arrange Here are the honeycomb pieces I made. As you can see, some of the pieces had only one type of tape. For others, I mixed things up. You can follow this method or do something wildly more creative. After you add the washi tape, you can then play around with the arrangement of the pieces. Take into consideration colors that complement each other and distributing the patterns of the tape evenly across the DIY wall clock.


Center Hole

Center Hole Do not forget to cut through the washi tape of your center honeycomb piece. Use the X-Acto knife for this step. Using double-sided tape or hot glue, attach these pieces to the front of your cardboard wall clock base. Important: start at the center.


Base + Glue

Base + Glue Overlap your embroidery hoop as shown in the photo above. You will want to do this so that the clock mechanism will be hidden nicely at the back. Hot glue the embroidery hoop to the back of the cardboard wall clock base. Let dry.



Mechanism Attach the mechanism through your center hole. Hot glue a piece of string to the back for hanging. Hang and enjoy.

How easy was that? This DIY washi tape honeycomb wall clock is one of my favorite home décor projects. I had a great time making this and this has motivated me to look for more washi tapes in my city. They are hard to come by, you see. Anyway, happy crafting! How about letting me know some of your favorite washi tape crafts?

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