7 Simple Easter Crafts to do with Your Kids ...

Simple Easter crafts are perfect for kids because they can finish a fun project without getting frustrated. I love to do a quick craft with my kids after school because it gives us a fun activity to share and look forward to. It’s also a great way to create some cute decorations to scatter throughout my home. I know I won’t win any awards from Architectural Digest, but my kids’ creations always make me smile. Here are a few simple Easter crafts that you can do in less than hour while also having some fun and creating memories with your little ones.

1. Marbleized Paper Eggs

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This craft is easy and it gives you some really beautiful creations when you’re done. This is one of the best simple Easter crafts I’ve ever come across, which is why it tops my list. It can get a bit messy, so you may want to take it outside if the weather cooperates. Start by spreading some shaving cream on an old cookie sheet. Help your child use his hands to smooth it out. Next, dribble several drops of food coloring onto the shaving cream. Give your child a toothpick and have him swirl the colors all over the cream. Cut large eggs out of paper and press them into the shaving cream. When you pull them up, use a small squeegee or butter knife to scrape the shaving cream off the paper. What you’re left with is the food coloring. Let the eggs dry, then hang them up.

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