9 Pretty Crocheted Flowers to Add to Any Project ...


If you crochet and are into other crafts as well, you’ll have uses galore for these pretty crocheted flowers beyond your crochet projects. I have made similar crocheted flowers and sold them on Etsy, so I know you crafters love them for scrapbook pages, adorning dresses or sweaters, and for about anything else you can think of, as do I. Take a look at these pretty crocheted flowers courtesy of Lacy Crochet and try your hand at making some.

1. Quickie Flowers

These are quite simple, but oh so pretty crocheted flowers.

Ch 10, join into ring with sl st.

Round 1: ch 1, 14 dc in ring, sl st to join the round.

Round 2: *ch 10, skip 1 sc, sc in next ch* 6 times, ch 10, sk 1 sc, st st into next sc.

Round 3: sl st to 1st ch of ch-10, *ch 3, sl st into next ch* around the petal. Make the remaining 6 petals in the same way. Fasten off.

Same Pattern, Two Flowers
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