7 Awesome DIY YouTube Channels to Check out ...

Recently, I’ve taken a liking to DIY YouTube channels. By “taken a liking,” I of course mean that I can’t stop watching them. The tutorials you find on DIY YouTube channels look so easy, and the people behind the channels seem like so much fun, it’s hard not to get a little obsessed. Whether you’re already obsessed like I am, or are simply looking for some channels to check out for yourself, your next DIY YouTube channel obsession is just a click away!

1. Anne or Shine

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Ann Le is the person who started my recent obsession with DIY YouTube channels. Her DIY videos are always pretty easy, original, and adorable. I’m under the impression that you could decorate your entire house simply with the tutorials in Ann’s videos. I don’t know how she does it, but I can’t get enough.

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