7 Spectacular Skyline DIY Projects ...


There is something about DIY skyline-themed projects that never fail to make me smile. They are the right combination of whimsical and chic. Whether the design is intricate or features only simple lines, skyline style DIYs are simply stunning. Hope you enjoy these craft ideas!

1. Lamp Cover

Lamp Cover

This is probably one of the more popular skyline DIY projects out there. The great thing about this is that not only is it simple to make, it is also a wonderful recycling project. To make your lamp cover, you will need a nice photo of a skyline. Cut it, making sure to follow the tops of the buildings. Make a cylinder and then use it as a shade over battery-powered tealight candles. If you want your paper lamps to stay upright, you can also choose to wrap them around a clear jar first.

Source: fellowfellow.com

Alpenglow Landscape
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