7 Simple Things You Can do to Upgrade Your Office ...


Want to discover a few very simple things you can do to upgrade your office to increase your motivation and productivity?

You would be surprised how some simple things can help you stay focused on your work for extended periods of time.

Your office should be the place where you feel energized, productive and extremely creative, so try to focus on making your office more comfortable, more professional and easier to use, with the right tools at your fingertips.

Here are some simple things you can do to upgrade your office for maximum results with minimum effort:

1. Add Extra Storage Space

Add Extra Storage Space

If your goal is to upgrade your office to create the perfect workspace, the easiest thing you can do is to simply add some extra storage space.

This way, you will get rid of all the clutter and get easier access to all those things you need to do your job more efficiently.

You could add a small drawer to your desk, you could build a few shelves or you could even use some boxes or baskets to store the things you don’t use very often.

2. Add More Light

Add More Light

It’s extremely important for your office to be well lit for the sake of your eyesight health.

A lot of studies have shown that low light conditions can make you feel drowsy and even slightly depressed, so add more light to help you focus much better on your tasks.

If possible, position your desk next to your window to get as much natural light as possible, if not, buy a good lamp that will provide you with enough light.2

3. Add Some Color

Add Some Color

What better way to refresh your office than by adding some color?

This will definitely make you feel more energized, more comfortable and why not, even happier.3

Just add some bright colors to spice things up a bit.

You could paint your walls,add a few pieces of brightly colored furniture like some chairs, a joyful painting, an interesting rug or even some colorful office supplies.

You will transform your office into a fun work area that will help you stay focused and where you’ll be able to spend a lot of time without feeling sleepy, tired, bored, depressed or even claustrophobic.


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