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DIY decorating is so much fun when you're trying to turn a house into a home.

You can buy any number of different furniture items or implement various decor schemes, but nothing makes your home feel as homey as when you're making it yourself.

If you feel the same, I'm sure you're going to love this list!2

1. Cute Box


Source: 21 Ingenious Ways to Hide

Hide unsightly cords in a box that you can decorate yourself to look like home decor!

2. Menu Board

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Source: DIY Menu Board

Turn an old picture frame into a menu board to make your house feel more like your home!

3. Shower Curtain Ring Organization

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Source: 8 Clutter Problems Solved by

Organize your scarves with shower rings on a hanger!

4. Space-Saving Laundry Room


Source: The 36th AVENUE Top 10

If you don't have a lot of room to spare in your laundry room, try stacking baskets in an old dresser like this!

5. DIY Headboard

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Source: How To Make A Diamond

Grab some fabric to create a DIY tufted headbord for your master bedroom!

6. No Sew Pillow Cover

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Source: How to make a super

Do you want new pillows?

Try this DIY no-sew guide for a quick refresh to your house!

7. Fall Mason Jars



Illuminate your house with this cute DIY.

8. Rustic and Modern Wall Decor

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Source: Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a

No matter how your house is decorated, this would look amazing!

9. DIY Porch Decor

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Source: 40 Cool DIY Decorating Suggestions

A 2x4 and some paint can make this beautiful porch a reality in your home!

10. Rolling Vanity

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Source: 13 DIY Solutions That Will

Keep your makeup and hair tools organized no matter what with this Ikea rolling cart!3

11. Pallet Storage


Source: 26 Ingenious DIY Ideas For

Organize your cookbooks in your kitchen with this pallet bookcase hack!

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