7 Utterly Adorable Lemonade Stands to Make for Your Enterprising Kids ...

One of the more fun things that kids can do when school is out is put up a lemonade stand. It's also a capital idea for when you're having a yard sale. A lemonade stand manned by adorable kids would also be perfect for any yard party. If you're getting into the idea, let us help you with one of the following DIY lemonade stands. Most of these are easy to construct and some are fun recycling projects. Hope you like them!

1. Crates + Paper Fans

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How cute is this DIY lemonade stand? The bottom part or base of this lemonade stand is made of four crates. They were spray painted and then zip tied together. As for the poles to the sides of the base, you can use more zip ties or you can hot glue them to the crates. Don't skip the lovely paper fans along the top. They multiply the cuteness factor of this refreshment stand.

Source: thenerdswife.com

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