9 Uses for Baby Oil for Everyone and around the House ...


There are some great uses for baby oil other than keeping baby’s skin (and your own) silky soft. Most women who’ve had a baby generally have baby oil around the house. I’ve never had kids but I’ve always got a bottle and until now, I’ve never thought beyond the uses for baby oil other than for as a moisturizer. Uses like these:

1. Get Rid of Ear Wax

Kicking off this list of uses for baby oil is removing ear wax. We’ve all had that feeling of a blocked up ear, especially when listening to music for prolonged periods of time. Don’t be tempted to shove a Q-tip in there; tilt your head to one side, put in 5 drops of baby oil – preferably warmed – and let it sit for up to a minute. Then turn your head the other way to remove the wax and baby oil. It’s cheap and very effective.

Wash off Gloss/latex Paint
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