21 Updated Wall Decor Ideas 💡 to Take You from Dorm 🏢 to Dream Home 🏡 ...


The wall décor you have in your late teens and early twenties is, usually, a bit fun and fancy free. Moving into your first real place gives you the opportunity to update your aesthetic and really find your style. Bearing in mind that wall décor gets pricey, I've included a bunch of wall décor ideas you can make yourself, though many examples are available in stores, as well. Updating your décor style doesn't mean getting boring or conforming, whether you create or buy. You're basically taking what you like and giving it a more modern twist, that's all.

1. A Bevy of Butterflies

A Bevy of Butterflies

Source: worldinsidepictures.com

Butterflies often feature in dorm room décor because they're pretty and tend to be seen as feminine. I don't think there's anything so cliché about these dramatic, darling lepidopterae.

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