10 Pretty Pink Pinterest DIYs ...


In decorating our new home, Heather and I have been on the lookout for gorgeous pink DIYs. I don't know where or when it happened, but the two of us have recently gone mad for pink, so the color schemes in our bedroom, living room, and master bathroom feature pops of the color, mostly in bright shades. Hot pink is enormously popular, with lots of people incorporating varying hues into their dΓ©cor. If you're looking to do the same, see how you like these pretty pink DIYs from Pinterest!

1. Pink Provincial Chairs

Pink Provincial Chairs

It's not very hard to find an affordable French provincial chair at a junk shop or an antique shop – but finding it in the color you want is a little more difficult. This is one of the more complicated pink DIYs, but that's only because recovering a chair takes a bit of practice. You can do it in any shade of pink (or blue or green or black) you like, but I think this dusty, dusky hue is really lovely.

Source: marcatiyolil.com

Two-Leg Night Stand
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