Video 🎞 Tutorial for a DIY ✂️ Lollipop 🍭 Bouquet 💐 ...


Want to know how to make a lollipop bouquet? They say if you are in a funk to do something good for somebody else. Would you like to make someone's day? Why not give them a lollipop bouquet?

Simple and inexpensive to make, these are cute, yummy and lets the person in your life know that you appreciate them. '

Here's how to make a lollipop bouquet.

Sparkle by Monica

Published on Feb 1, 2018

Most everything may be found at Dollar Tree. However...

1. Gift Tags

The gift tag maker is nice, but if you have a bunch of Christmas present tags leftover from last Christmas, it would be just as nice. Also, you could get plain white envelope stickers in the office supply department of your local store.

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