7 Delightful Ways to Illuminate Your Home This Fall ...

Seasons are changing and you are probably already thinking of new ways to illuminate your home this fall. We give you here some ideas that are sure to make your lovely house look cozy and wonderfully inviting. Most of these will require the use of fairy or string lights; take some out from your Christmas dΓ©cor stash. A couple of projects will need candles. Not matter which of these ways to illuminate your home this fall you choose, you will surely end up with something lovely.

1. Floating Candles

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One of the ways to illuminate your home this fall is by using tealight candles and apples. You simply make tealight candle sized holes by the top part of some apples, add the candles, and arrange them in a large bowl with water. Add chestnuts to the water so that your fall dΓ©cor doesn't look too empty.

Tutorial Source: hymnsandverses.com

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