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7 Clever Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Clean Always ...

By Alicia

Would you like some tips to keep your bathroom clean? I love when my bathroom is clean but hate having to do a huge, big cleaning of it. I have found it is better to try to follow these 7 tips. These tips to keep your bathroom clean should help you to have a cleaner bathroom always.

1 Keep It Neat

Keep It NeatThis one is simple. One of the best tips to keep your bathroom clean is to keep it neat. Just pick up your stuff in there. If you carry a can of soda in with you to sip on while you do your makeup, dispose of it when you are done. Keeping things picked up as you go helps in any room of the house.

2 Bag Garbage Daily

Bag Garbage DailyBagging garbage daily can go a long way toward helping you to keep your bathroom clean. This is a very small thing and takes very little time. I don’t care if the rest of your bathroom is very neat, if your garbage is overflowing, your whole bathroom will look trashed. Just build this into your daily routine of cleaning and it will soon become a habit. You will wonder why you never started this before.

3 Avoid Clutter

Avoid ClutterClutter is not going to make anything look neat anywhere in your home. It is even worse in the bathroom because it is a small room. It does not take much to make a bathroom look cluttered. Store as much of your beauty and hygiene products below the sink as you can. Organize the remainder neatly.

4 Wipe down Counter and Toilet Daily

Wipe down Counter and Toilet DailyIt helps tremendously if you wipe down the counter of the sink and the toilet daily. You can stash a tub of Clorox Wipes under the sink so they are easily accessed. This takes a maximum of maybe five minutes and then your bathroom looks shiny and clean at least the rest of the day. It also means that when you go through and do a good weekly cleaning of your bathroom, it will be much quicker and easier to do. It will cut the time you have to scrub way down.

5 Store Cleaners under the Sink

Store Cleaners under the SinkIt helps to have your cleaners stored close by. Keeping them under your bathroom sink is a good idea. This way they are always close at hand when you want to clean. You don’t have to spend valuable time going to search for cleaners. It is also easier to just grab something and clean a bit rather than have the temptation to put it off because no cleaners are close at hand.

6 Switch Shower Curtain Liner as Needed

Switch Shower Curtain Liner as NeededYou know, you can wash your shower curtain liner in the washer even if it is plastic. I have done that before.And as shower curtain liners are cheap, you can replace them at very little cost. I bought one just last week for a little over two dollars. Your bathroom is not going to look clean if your shower curtain liner is dirty.

7 Take Dirty Laundry out as You Go

Take Dirty Laundry out as You GoDon’t allow dirty laundry or wet towels to accumulate on the bathroom floor. Just take it out as you go. This is even a better option than having a bathroom hamper. It gets them straight to the laundry room and washed quicker. This is one little step that makes a huge difference.

These 7 tips can help you to have a clean bathroom all of the time. Does it drive you crazy when your bathroom gets messy? Do you use any of these tips?

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