7 Easy Ways to Care for Your Wood Floors ...


7 Easy Ways to Care for Your Wood Floors ...
7 Easy Ways to Care for Your Wood Floors ...

Care for your wood floors and you can be sure they’ll last for a long time. My husband and I waited almost a decade of living on our own to have wood floors, so I want to make sure they always look their best and are in perfect condition. That’s easier said than done with three kids and two dogs at home with us. However, it’s not as hard to care for your wood floors as you might think. Try these handy tips and you can put your feet up and relax!

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Keep Them Dry

Wood and water don’t mix so one of the best ways to care for your wood floors is to keep them dry. That means mopping with just a damp cloth, but it also means watching for spills and wet shoes all the time. I keep a towel by the door when it’s snowy or rainy outside so people can leave their shoes when they come in. It’s a super simple way to cut down on the chances of water on the floor without being noticed. I also keep drinks in the kitchen away from the wood so I don’t have to worry about spills ruining my floor.


Use Caution when Moving Furniture

Pushing furniture around wooden floors is a recipe for disaster. You could wind up with scratches that aren’t easily taken care of. Really bad ones might mean replacing sections of the floor, so use lots of caution when you’re rearranging the rooms in your house. Pick furniture up and carry it to its new location rather than pushing or pulling it. Count it as your cardio for the day and then admire your intact wood floors.


Use Rugs

Rugs on high traffic areas of your wooden floors are an easy way to protect them from wear and tear. I put rugs under the furniture so it doesn’t slide around and to pull together my rooms and make them look cozy. Be sure to vacuum or sweep under the rugs every week or so to get rid of dirt and grime underneath that can scratch the floors.


Mop with the Right Fluids

Look for cleaning products designed specifically for your wood floors. That’ll ensure easy cleaning, but also protection for the floor. I use a mixture of warm water and white vinegar to clean mine. It leaves them shiny and clean without the worry of harsh chemicals in my house. There are many wood floor cleaners on the market too, so do a bit of research and choose the one that’s best for your floors.


Vacuum Them

If you have a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, it’s much easier to get all that dirt and grime that can scratch your floors up than if you use a broom. Avoid vacuums with beater bars because they can really damage your wood. Gently vacuum your wood floors every couple of days, then mop them well.


Watch Your Shoes

Some types of soft wood can be dented, dinged or broken by high-heeled shoes. If you prefer stilettos or spiky heeled boots, put them on at the door right before you leave. Never walk around in them or you risk having to replace portions of your floor, which is very pricey.


Call the Professionals

If your floors need to be refinished or repaired, call in the pros. They’ll know exactly what needs to be done and can do a quality job that won’t leave you with mismatched patches on your prized wooden floors. As long as you care for your floors really well, the chances of having to this will only happen occasionally.

Do you prefer wood floors or carpet? There are perks to both, but I love how much easier wood is to keep clean.

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