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7 Steps to Cleaning Your Car That Will Make You Proud to Drive It ...

By Eliza

Easy to follow steps to cleaning your car can save you the money it takes to pay someone to detail it for you. In these hard economic times, that’s good news for everyone. A clean car is just more relaxing and enjoyable to drive. Even if you have kids and pets, you can keep your vehicle clean by following these simple steps to cleaning your car. It’s easy, I promise.

1 Pull out the Trash

Grab a trashcan and start by gathering all the trash, which is the worst of the steps to cleaning your car, so you might as well get it over with. Grab papers, fast food detritus, your kids’ snack wrappers and any other garbage that’s made its way into your car. I usually pull the outside trashcan over and just start tossing it all in. That way I don’t have to mess around with a bag in my own driveway. Don’t forget the glove box, trunk and under the seats.

2 Separate the Stuff That Goes in the House

I usually bring a laundry basket out to the driveway and toss anything that belongs in the house into it. That includes clothes, books, toys, shoes and anything else that gets left out there when my hands are full. When I have it all together, it’s easy to carry the laundry basket inside and put everything in the right place.

3 Remove Accessories

My next step is to remove the kids’ car seats and floor mats from the car. That makes them easier to clean, but it also makes it simpler to get the inside of the car cleaned up. I generally just move them out to the grass. Make sure you move them far enough away from the car so they don’t get soaked when you wash the outside of the car.

4 Vacuum

Hook your vacuum cleaner to an extension cord and drag it out into the driveway. Use the hose attachment to vacuum the seats, under the seats, the floor and all the nooks and crannies in the upholstery. Don’t forget the dash and cup holders, which tend to gather dust and crumbs. Vacuum the car seats and floor mats too.

5 Wipe

Use a damp rag or disinfectant wipe to wipe down the dashboard, console and steering wheel. I also clean out the cup holders in the front and back. If you have plastic on the doors or floors, go ahead and wipe them down too. This makes your car look cleaner, but it also kills nasty germs that are inevitable in your car, especially if you have kids or pets.

6 Wash Windows

You don’t have to do the outside, but use window cleaner and a terry cloth rag to clean the insides of the windows. They’re bound to have handprints, nose prints or even some splashed soda on them. Clean them up and you might just be able to see out the windows better when you drive.

7 Wash the Car

Roll up all the windows and close the doors. Use the hose to spray down the car, then wipe it with a wet, soapy rag. Rinse with the hose and allow the car to dry in the sun. It’s going to gleam! Once it’s dry, put the floor mats and car seats back into the car and you’re done!

Doesn’t this seem easy? It only takes me 30 minutes, max, and it gives me a sense of accomplishment when it’s done. Will you try it?

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