7 Steps to a Simple Spring Cleaning ...


7 Steps to a Simple Spring Cleaning ...
7 Steps to a Simple Spring Cleaning ...

Spring is almost here, which means it’s time for spring cleaning. Many people have trouble finding a place to start. I’ve compiled a list of 7 steps to a simple spring cleaning, and I hope it comes in handy and inspires you to keep cleaning and stay organized this spring.

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Clean Your Windows

Most people don’t realize how much dust and other particles build up on the inside and outside of your windows. It’s also common to have nests build up inside your windows if they weren’t cleaned well the last time. During your spring cleaning, make sure to not only dust your windows, but clean them from inside out. This prevents nests from forming, dust from building up and other problems no one would like to have in their house.


Wash Your Comforters

It’s a new season, which means it’s time to take off the heavy winter blankets and throw on the lighter blankets for the spring time. Take all of your big comforters and wash them. Getting all of the dust, dirt and stains out of them from this extra long winter will be good. Packing them up and putting them away in the closet after a good cleaning will help them last longer. Before putting on your lighter comforter, make sure you wash that too!


Arrange Your Make-up

Many of us ladies have a problem hoarding make-up. Whether it’s eyeliner, eyeshadow or tons of different foundation tones, most of us all have a product of choice that we never want to give up, no matter how little is left. Now that we’re cleaning, it’s time to get rid of those products. Using old make-up isn’t good for your skin. Depending on the product, you should probably get rid of make-up that is at least a year old. Foundations, powders and eyeliners could last a good year, while mascara only three months. Even if you still use the product, buy a new one, it wont hurt. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Once you have the products you’re keeping, arrange them by what they’re used for and how often you use them. A product you use every once in a while doesn’t have to be on your dresser every day, so put it away to save space.


Clean out Junk Drawers

Whether we know it or not, we all have a drawer full of unwanted junk. Small souvenirs we find, old birthday cards or even just small things we forgot to put away can be found in this type of drawer. So, clear it out! Take everything out of the drawer. This may be time consuming depending on what you have in it. Take your time and think about what you really need and what you don’t. Most of the things in a drawer like this may have no use to you at all, so why keep them if they’re just taking up space? Get a big garbage bag and dispose of anything you don’t use and/or don’t need. Afterwards if you’re lucky, you may just have an empty drawer or two!


Organize Your Closet

As the seasons change, so does fashion. We’re getting rid of the dark long sleeve shirts and jeans and going back to the pastel colored blouses and circle skirts. Start off by going through your winter clothes. Think back to what you wore this winter and what you didn’t. If you didn’t wear a few tops this winter, chances are you won't wear them next year. Take them out of your closet and pile them up! If you have clothes that don't fit anymore and you’re not someone who can transform it into something new, get rid of it! Next, go into your spring and summer clothes. Go through everything. See what fits, and what you like. Whatever else is left, get rid of. Cleaning your closet gives you more space to shop for even cuter clothes this year.



Now, everything you’ve discarded from Step 5, comes into play here in Step 6; donate! Someone somewhere either doesn’t have enough clothes to wear or can’t afford clothes at all. Donating your old clothes will not only be good for others, but it will make you feel good about yourself. Many towns have clothing drop boxes where you can put all of your old clothes in a garbage bag and dump it in the box. Other times, there are services that come from house to house collecting old clothes. Or, you can even go to local shelters and see if they accept clothing donations. What’s old to you is now new to someone else.



Now that we’ve got all the organizing done, it’s time to clean. Dusting is most important. After a long winter, the dust build up can be serious. If you haven’t done so already, take one day to dust your whole house. Don’t miss a thing. Get every knick-knack, table, television, etc. Anything that can be dusted, dust it! Cleaning your floors is very important as well. If you can’t mop the floors because you have carpet, spray a carpet solution into your carpet and clean it this way. Vacuuming is also very effective. Whatever it takes to clean your whole house, get it done.

Although spring cleaning consists of plenty of more steps, these few tips will help you get the idea of what you have to do. Take your time with spring cleaning; the key is don’t rush it. What are some things you do during spring cleaning? Do you do any of the steps above? Happy cleaning to everyone!

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