11 DIYs ⚗️ to Remove 💐🕯🍎 Bad Smells 👃🏼 from Your Home 🏡 ...


Have you ever gotten a whiff of something gross in your home and couldn't figure out where it was coming from? Or you found the source, but you can't seem to shake the odor? Hey, it happens. After all, you have trash cans in your house and bathrooms aren't the freshest smelling rooms either. Having pets can also lead to those mysterious odors. When this happens to me, I really don't care what's causing the smell, all I care about is getting rid of it. Here are some great DIY ways to nix the stink once and for all.

1. Homemade Febreeze

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Do you love the fresh smell of Febreeze? It can be pretty pricey so why not make your own version. This one has a natural fresh scent that will make your whole house smell great. Find the recipe here: goingzerowaste.com.

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