Gorgeous Collage Walls 🎨 That'll Make Your Home 🏑 Feel Even Homier ☺️ ...


Collage walls are such an easy way to make boring walls in your house a lot more fun!

If you're looking for ways to decorate but can't find any artwork that you're obsessed with, turn a wall into a collage wall.

There are so many different designs and ideas you can do, so if you're looking for inspiration, look no further than this list!

1. Family Wall

Family Wall

If family is the center of your life, let that be reflected as the center of your family with this collage wall!2

2. Different Colors and Textures

Different Colors and Textures

The contrast of different colors and textures works so perfectly in this room!

3. Perfectly Spaced Wall

Perfectly Spaced Wall

Don't you love the spacing of this gallery wall?

So pretty!

4. Front Entryway Wall

Front Entryway Wall

Turn a boring entryway wall into a masterpiece with a collage wall like this!

5. Buffet Table Collage

Buffet Table Collage

If your buffet table is looking lonely, decorate it with this cute collage wall idea.

6. Mirrored Table and Pastels

Mirrored Table and Pastels

The silver mirrored table is great paired against the green and blue pastels!

7. Boy's Room

Boy's Room

Boy's rooms don't have to be boring!

Make them fun and creative with a bright collage wall!

8. Dark Wood

Dark Wood

This dark wood looks so great as a collage wall!

9. Stairway Collage

Stairway Collage

Stairway collages are one of my all-time favorite classic decorating moves, and this look is no exception!

10. Entryway Canvases

Entryway Canvases

These canvases look so pretty, especially if you have a family photoshoot you love!

11. Family Room Canvases

Family Room Canvases

These black and white canvases are perfect for a family room!

12. White Accents

White Accents

Don't you love how the white accents bring out the white in the staircase?2

13. Corner Collage

Corner Collage

Turn a boring corner into an art statement!

14. Blue Frame

Blue Frame

This light blue frame is such a great addition to a collage wall!

Framed Collage Wall
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