Brighten Your Home for under $50 🛋️for Girls Bored of Drab 🌈 ...


There are plenty of ways to brighten up a home for under $50 if you know where and for what to look. You don’t need to think about massive makeovers or changing color schemes or getting out the paintbrushes. Accessories under $50 can do a great job! Summer is a great time to think about pops of color and maybe some small rearranging of furniture. I’ve picked out a selection of fun, colourful, sometimes quirky accessories under $50 to brighten your home.

1. Liven up the Bedroom with a New Bright Bedding Set

An easy and practical way to brighten up your bedroom is to invest in a new set of bedding, a set that evokes positivity with vibrant colours and patterns. Something like this set from the Martha Stewart Collection is perfect for upscaling the nature of your bedroom décor.

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