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I have learned some wonderful ways to make your home smell good. Some of them are really simple and others are a little bit more of a surprise, however, each and every one of these work. I love for my home to smell good so I am passing along my tips so you know the ways to make your home smell good too.

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Keep It Clean

This is very simple but a lot of people miss it. If you want your home to smell nice, you have to start with it being clean. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your home smell good. The main areas that are going to contribute to it not smelling good are the kitchen and the bathroom so pay particularly close attention to those rooms. A clean home will have a clean scent.


Choose a Laundry Detergent That Smells Good

Choose a laundry detergent that smells good. This tip goes a very long way. In fact, I will admit that there are some families that I love to visit because I can always smell their laundry detergent from outside their home while I am waiting on them to answer the door. My favorites are Wisk, Tide and Gain when it comes to giving a good scent. Gain is probably the one that has the most long lasting scent and goes throughout our home when I use it.


Use a Tart Warmer

I use a tart warmer daily. There are several different types of tart warmers. There is the type that you plug directly into the wall and it acts as a tart warmer and a night light. There is also the kind that comes with a cord that is made in a more decorative form and you can set a number of different places in your home. A tart warmer will make your home smell very good throughout the rooms.


Hang an Air Freshener in Secret

This is one of my little secrets. I hang car air fresheners in secret places. It might be a closet or somewhere near a garbage can. These air fresheners do a lot to help deal with odor. I have gotten many compliments on how I make such little areas of my house smell so lovely.


Open Your Windows

This might seem counterproductive but I assure you it is not. It seems as if you are going to lose all of that lovely scent you are working so hard to attain if you do this and that is true to an extent. But all houses need to be aired out every once in a while. A house can get a stale and musty smell about it if you do not air it out. I love the smell of my home after it has been aired. It smells fresh and reminds me of sunshine.


Hide a Fabric Softener Sheet

This is another little trick I use. Fabric softener sheets work wonders to make your home smell lovely. I tuck them in different places to release their fragrance. Common places I place them are in drawers, under couch cushions and under the sheets on the bed. Your guests will more than likely smell the fabric softener sheet but will not know what or where the smell is coming from.


Bake Cookies

This trick is an old one but it works. Baking cookies makes your home smell lovely. Don’t you love the smell of fresh baked cookies? There are other things that you can bake to make your house smell good, too. Brownies work as well as muffins, cakes and many other sweet treats.

Now it’s your turn. What are your secrets for making your home smell good? I would love to add them to my bag of tricks!

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I have a rayburn. I put some vanilla essence and/or cinnamon in some water n leave it on low.

Once a month,or when needed we wash the walls and ceilings it freshens the room home... Makes any fragrance smell way better

boil orange peels in water on the stove it will leave a citrus smell thru out ur house

I like mixing lavender oil and water in a spray bottle and spraying it on pillows and sheets

I have a oil warmer and use essential oils or scented candles.

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