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I've got some great tips for creating gift baskets with a wow factor. Gift baskets are just so versatile. A gift basket can be for a man, woman or child. A gift basket can be for any occasion. Also, homemade gift baskets come straight from the heart. When you place your chosen items in the basket for the recipient, you took the time to make them feel special.

Many of you are probably already good at gift basket making. However, there are quite a few of you who are new to this type of gift giving. For you newbies, I am writing this article.

Use your imagination when making a themed gift basket. For example, underneath the theme gift basket descriptions below are suggestions on what items to use. However, don't stop there! Be creative.

Before beginning, below you will see the word "vessel". This would be the basket, box, tray, plastic container, clothes basket, etc. that you use for your gift basket. You don't have to just use a wicker basket!

To start you off with assembly of gift basket instructions, go to:

Easy, huh?

For some examples of gift baskets, here are a few tips for creating gift baskets with a wow factor.

1. Coffee-lovers Basket

Begin with a vessel that can double as a coffee station next to your coffee maker.


- coffee

- sweetener

- travel mugs

- creamer

- coffee syrup

Pasta Night Basket
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