7 Simple and Cute Sleeping Masks to Make ...

Looking for an easy beginner's craft project? The following DIY sleeping masks should be perfect. These are a mix of sewing and non-sewing DIY ideas. Some of these can be made with the help of little hands. In fact, you can use one of the following DIY sleeping mask patterns to introduce the love of sewing and crafting to your kids. Enjoy!

1. Use Gingham and Elastic Tape

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Making this DIY sleeping mask will require the use of a sewing machine but it's oh-so-very simple to make. Basically, you cut two pieces of gingham fabric following the mask pattern. Fuse some batting to one wrong side, and then sew around with an elastic tape attached to both short ends. Make sure that you choose elastic tape with pretty lace-like design.

Source: niftythriftythings.com

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