7 Ideas to Organize Your Vanity ...


If you’re on the hunt for tips to organize your vanity, this post has just what you’re looking for! Keeping your beauty products organized doesn’t have to be that difficult, although it may seem that way sometimes. All you need are a few core guidelines to get you started and keep on track with organization! Here are my tips to organize your vanity and keep it looking fresh and cute and de-cluttered!

1. Use Magnet Strips

Use Magnet Strips

A really neat way to organize your vanity is by using magnetic strips to keep your “every-day items” in a convenient spot! These are the makeup products you use on a daily basis. Just use hot glue to attach a magnetic strip to the back of each product, then stick them on a little magnet board and hang it close to your mirror. It’s not only functional but it’s cute and very handy on rushed mornings!

Use Existing Space to Organize
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