Garbage Bag Therapy Tip do De-Clutter ...

By Leiann

Garbage  Bag Therapy  Tip do De-Clutter ...

Do you have clutter? Do you have time? Do you have a garbage bag? Then, follow along with this YouTube video!

Unless you are completely anal about your home, you have some clutter. Clutterbug has a totally easy way of ridding yourself and your family of that mess.

All you need is a garbage bag!

Just go drawer by drawer, through the fridge, on the counter and on the floor!

Why a garbage bag? Once in, out-of-sight. Now, if you would be placing stuff in a gift bag, you' d think twice about getting rid of, right?

So, maybe pick one day a week to do this or 10 minutes a day to do this. Whatever works for you. But I challenge you to simply do it!

Thanks for watching!

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