10 Totally 💯 Creative 🎨 Ways to Wrap Presents 🎁 Your Receivers Will Love ❤️ ...


If your Black Friday was a success, now you have some wrapping to do. And you probably need creative ways to gift wrap presents, right? Luckily there are lots of great ways to wrap a gift that stands out under the Christmas tree. Here are 10 fun ways you can make your presents look better than all the rest. Grab the scissors and tape and try these creative ways to gift wrap presents.

1. Box inside of a Box

For this idea, you place the present in the box, wrap the box, and then place it in another box. This is one of my favorite creative ways to gift wrap presents. This can be especially fun for those who want to make the recipient work to open the present. Also, double boxing the present will make fragile items more secure. Make sure to tape the boxes up so that nothing falls out of them.

Brown Paper Bag with a Ribbon
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