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Can you believe that spring is finally, officially here, and so is the ideal time for spring cleaning of all the random areas of your house? It may not feel like spring quite yet, but there is no reason we cannot get a jump-start on all those cleaning projects that tend to pile up over the winter. We all know that house cleaning is a part of the having a roof over your head game, but it can be oh-so easy to overlook areas of your house. Spring is a great time to get that house the cleanest it has been… even those areas we all tend to overlook!

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Blinds Dust is my nemesis. For reals. And, it seems that one of dust's greatest hiding places are in the blinds. This is definitely one of those hidden areas of your house that can make all the difference to have clean. Dust can easily cake-up on blinds and before we know it, it is impossible to get off. Avoid this by cleaning blinds every 4-6 weeks or more.


Pet Food Containers

Pet Food Containers We would not eat food out of old, unwashed bowls or Tupperware that has not been cleaned in months, so why do we expect our pets? Cleaning pet food bowls once a week can massively decrease the risk of Fido getting an infectious disease. Water bowls cannot be cleaned out enough; I try to swap ours out every day or two to keep things fresh and germ free. Trust me, your pet will notice and they will love you all the more for it!


Dryer Vents

Dryer Vents This may seem common sense to some, but I had no idea cleaning dryer vents was a thing until we bought our first house. For those that do not know, dryers have a vent that goes out the back where lint and all kinds of goodies get thrown. There is usually a long tube between your dryer and the wall; detach this and clean it out with a hose every 18 months to keep electric bills down and your dryer around for longer.



Dishwashers Yes, the thing that cleans dishes also needs to be cleaned itself. This is another one of those that I had no idea about until buying our first place. Really though, it does make perfect sense. There are special cleaning solvents that will help keep your dishwasher spic and span and germ free. Simply run your dishwasher empty with this special soap inside once a month to keep bacteria and all kinds of nasty stuff at bay.


Make-up Brushes

Make-up Brushes Make-up brushes are part of our home as well and boy do these things need to be cleaned. I know a few people who clean their brushes after every use. Although daily cleaning is sure to keep any bacteria out, once a week is more than fine and will help brushes retain a bit more of that needed natural oil. To clean your brushes, simply use a small amount of facial soap and water.


Oven Hoods

Oven Hoods With all the cooking we do, these things get dirty. Between the steam coming from pots and pans and any boiling sauce that goes flying, it does not take long to get a messy oven fan. These are also a great hiding place for dust and allergens that we for sure do not want in our food. I try to clean ours once a week or after an extra messy meal.


Under and behind Kitchen Appliances

Under and behind Kitchen Appliances These. Get. Dirty. Kitchens are one of the messiest places in any home; add pets and kids to that and it just got sooo much messier. Cleaning behind and under the refrigerator and oven can unearth a great many things you never wanted back there. This is also a great way to help reduce any pest problems you have and can massively lower the amount of dust in your home. Doing this every 6 months to a year should be plenty.

Baseboards, drains, and fans are a few other places we may not clean often but need cleaning all the same. Cleaning all these places on the list will not take too long, but it can make a massive difference in the cleanliness and health of any home. What are some of your best tips for cleaning?

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For #4, you don't have to buy special solvents, just pour a pint of white vinegar into the empty machine and run it through a cycle

I clean my pets bowls daily that's what u should do

These are great tips!

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