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Unless you’re a modern-day Donna Reed, you probably struggle with ways to make housework fun. After all, without a spoonful of sugar or the proper Valium dosage (I kid), chores seem daunting. In the time crunch that is modern life, it’s a miracle we even have the energy to maintain our homes. But when we do finally get around to it, we are faced with the ultimate boredom: actually cleaning. Fear not, because there are ways to make housework fun.

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Play That Funky Music

Get yourself some speakers or headphones and blast upbeat music. Make sure it’s something you can stop and take dance breaks to. In my experience, anything you can do to make your life closer to a John Hughes movie, the better. While you’re cleaning, the beat will provide a fun rhythm for any scrubbing, sweeping, or wiping motion you do. Of all the ways to make housework fun, music will make you smile the most.


Have a Cold One

If you are over the age of 21, I recommend a glass of wine or adult drink of your choosing to set a fun tone for cleaning. If you’re under 21, have a pop or fruity drink to remind yourself that this is an experience and not a chore. Depending on how alcohol affects you, this might make you tired. If that’s the case, try adding something with a little caffeine to keep you moving.


Keep It Comfortable

Find an outfit that makes you feel awesome, whatever that may be. Personally, I wear scrubby clothing, as if I’m at the gym. Wear something that breathes because you’ll sweat as you hustle around the house. Also, make sure that your clothing won’t inhibit your range of motion. Lastly, put on an accessory that makes you feel feminine, such as earrings. A little personal touch will turn your otherwise sweaty look into one of adorable domesticity.


Enlist the Buddy System

It’s no secret that two heads are better than one. Depending on how good your friends are, offer to do a certain number of hours cleaning at their house in exchange for the same at your house. Of course leave the heavy organizing and dirty work for you, but feel free to ask a friend to do standard tasks like vacuuming or mopping. I recommend devoting a day to cleaning and spending three hours at each house. If you can’t get them to physically participate, at least ask a friend to come over and chat while you undertake a cleaning project.


Create Mental Finish Lines

The only difference between you and an Olympian is location. Challenge yourself with realistic finish lines and tackle them. Create a checklist and be time conscious. Essentially, treat cleaning as a series of sprints versus a marathon. Reward yourself at the end of each race and choose a trophy that won’t slow you down. I like to stop after every few items I cross off my list and take a dance break. Depending on what time of the month it is, I am guilty of occasionally substituting dancing for the chocolate reward system.


Treat Yourself at the End

Similar to the reward system I mentioned before, treat yourself at the end of your cleaning expedition. After you have finished everything on your list, have an at-home spa day or go out for ice cream with a friend. I generally enjoy a hot shower and massage my own feet. This will give you something big to look forward to after all of your mini rewards.


Home is Where the Art is

After you’ve treated yourself, treat your home. Plan a cheap craft project to turn a dull space in your house into a more exciting one. Make a photo collage or organize your stuff with cute, colored bins. This should be fun and suited to your specific home needs. While you’re cleaning, keep a mental record of your house’s problem areas and brainstorm creative ways to solve them. Constantly updating your home will help you look forward to the next time you clean it. Look to Pinterest for inspiration on craft projects.

Cleaning is tedious and I don’t blame you for dreading it. If all else fails, hiring a housekeeper is proven effective in terms your happiness. But seriously, keep a positive attitude about your house and try to maintain it on a daily basis. It’s easier to clean one thing daily than wait until it all piles up. That being said, as a procrastinator, I understand the desire to wait. What keeps you going on a cleaning day?

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When I'm through with a piece of work that I planned for a day I take a rest by doing other activities like listening to music, reading, or playing the game in my iPad. After I have enough rest I continue my work while singing or dancing if possible to enjoy my work.

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