7 Areas of Your House That You May Not Know Need Cleaning ...


Can you believe that spring is finally, officially here, and so is the ideal time for spring cleaning of all the random areas of your house? It may not feel like spring quite yet, but there is no reason we cannot get a jump-start on all those cleaning projects that tend to pile up over the winter. We all know that house cleaning is a part of the having a roof over your head game, but it can be oh-so easy to overlook areas of your house. Spring is a great time to get that house the cleanest it has been… even those areas we all tend to overlook!

1. Blinds


Dust is my nemesis. For reals. And, it seems that one of dust's greatest hiding places are in the blinds. This is definitely one of those hidden areas of your house that can make all the difference to have clean. Dust can easily cake-up on blinds and before we know it, it is impossible to get off. Avoid this by cleaning blinds every 4-6 weeks or more.

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