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A DIY Soup Gift Bowl for a Unique Twist ...

By Leiann

Do you ever go to the dollar store and see cute soup bowls and cups? Well, they are not just for chicken soup! In this YouTube video, learn how to make a gift out of a soup bowl and/ or soup cup.

Maybe your loved ones or someone you know has a birthday coming up, maybe they are il,l or maybe you just want to show some appreciation.

All you need is the vessel (i.e. soup bowl or soup cup), some floral foam, and some flowers. Stick the hot glued floral foam in the vessel, then either just stick the flowers in or hot glue the flowers on top.

The vessels you use would be super cute if they had cute sayings on them...making more personal.

Mix or match the flowers. Can you think of anything else to use?

I hope you like the video!

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