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DIY Candy Bouquet ...

By Leiann

Want an DIY that is soooo cute? Although this may seem like a Christmas wreath, the wreath may be made for any occasion. Do you have someone special with a sweet tooth? This is so easy, thoughtful and economical. Learn how to make a candy bouquet with this video!

Play with the colors of the ribbon. Is the wreath meant for Easter? Use pink ribbon. Is it for the 4th of July? Use red. Etc.

Play with the candy. Do you want to focus on the type of candy or on the color of the candy box?

There are endless ways to create these wreaths!

These are super to create to tell someone that you care.

All supplies may be bought at the dollar store, but you might have a problem finding the greenery so, you may need to search online.

I hope you like this video!

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