7 DIY Ways to Organize Your Home Office That Really Work ...

If you work at home like I do, you know that trying to find the best ways to organize your home office isn’t the easiest thing to do. I don’t have a real office, so to speak. My office is my bedroom in the morning and my kitchen table in the afternoon, where I stand and write the rest of the day. In the morning, I use a tall hutch as my desk, where I have my laptop, documents necessary, appointment book, cell phone charger, pens and paper, and even a little coffee pot on it! Hey, whatever works, right? I have to keep this space neat and be able to easily put my work away each day in a neat fashion so at night, it doesn’t feel like I’m still in my office when it’s time to go to bed. If you find yourself in the same boat, try these simple ways to organize your home office, even if that means you don’t have a real one apart from your other rooms.

1. Clear out the Junk

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Before you even try to think about ways to organize your home office, you’ve got to clear out the junk that you don’t use, don’t need, or don’t even know how it got there. Hey, we all have junk drawers we avoid opening most days of the week, right? Right! Go through those drawers and just take one day a week to make sure they stay neat. Throw away papers you don’t use, don’t need, or don’t recognize. This way, you can make space for what you do need, keeping junk to a minimum each week.

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