7 Steps to Making Your House Look Clean when It Really Isn't ...


We all need a few tricks up our sleeve for making your house look clean when it really isn’t. I am all for true cleaning and might even be called a bit obsessive when it comes to my home, but there are times we all need a cheat plan. One example is when you get that call that you are getting company in a half hour and the house is a complete mess. These tricks for making your house look clean can really help you out in such a situation.

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Put Stuff Away

Putting stuff away is one of the quickest ways to making your house look clean when it really isn’t. Go through and pick up anything that is out of place. I will give you a little hint here. It really doesn’t take much time out of your day to try to pick up after yourself as you go. An advantage is that it keeps things looking much neater.


Hide Clutter

Oh, how I hate clutter! But like everyone else, I have times when it piles up in my home and I have to deal with it. When you are trying to make your house look clean quickly, don’t try to deal with it at that moment. Hide it. Shove it where it cannot be seen. Then deal with it after your company leaves.


Focus on What People See

Focus on making your home look clean where people see. For example, most people will not be in your bedroom. So when you are trying to make your home look clean quickly, let those rooms go. Better yet, simply close the door to those rooms so there isn’t even a window to see into them. Focus on what people see, especially when they first walk in the door.


Wipe down Sinks

Take a couple of minutes to wipe down your sinks. This makes your whole bathroom look cleaner. There is always a chance that your guest will need to use your bathroom so this something I try to do. If you have extra time, clean the toilet and maybe the mirror. Those little things really matter.


Shove the Pans in the Oven

If you are in a hurry to clean, shove your pans in the oven. Just be careful not to forget them next time you use your oven! This is a little trick I learned from my mom who is one of the best housekeepers ever. Company will never know. I mean, really, how many times does company need to see inside your oven?


Fluff and Straighten Your Pillows

This is a very quick little trick that makes a lot of difference. I cannot stand to see pillows on my sofa and love seat look slouchy at any time. A nice row of pillows always looks neat and inviting to guests. I think it is one of those little details that make your home look magazine worthy. Take the time to do this; it probably takes all of three minutes.


Find Your Dining Room Table

Most people will notice your dining room table. For me, this is especially true. It is one of the first things you see when you come in my front door. Do not allow your dining room table to be a place for clutter to gather. It is great to go a step further and have a pretty table set with placemats or a centerpiece. Details do matter.

These quick little tricks and help you to have a nice looking home in a very few minutes. What tricks do you use to make your home look clean when it really isn’t? I cannot wait to read them!

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Make sure to sweep or vacuum it doesn't take long but it makes your house look way cleaner

This happened to me last night! Out of state friend needed a place to crash. All I did that afternoon was my normal straightening up but I vacuumed too. Vacuuming always makes a place look clean! Fortunately the guest room had been set up since our last guests already!

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