13 DIY Christmas Gifts for Men …


Men can be difficult to shop for, so I wrote this list of DIY Christmas gifts for men, to make your job a little easier this year!

No more shopping or stressing over what to buy, just make something for him that will be fitted to his personal needs and preferences!

He will love whatever you give him, but especially if you make it.

Making a gift shows that you really put time and thought into it, so here are 13 DIY Christmas gifts for men!

1. Cook Something

Cook Something

I haven’t met a man yet who doesn’t like food, and especially sweets.

You can cook an entire meal, or just a few of his favorite treats.

Go the whole nine yards and serve him an elaborate feast by candlelight, or make it a casual affair with sandwiches and cookies on a plate.2

Whatever you choose, rest assured that this is one of the DIY Christmas gifts for men that will be a huge hit!

2. Write a Poem or Song

Write a Poem or Song

You certainly don’t have to be a published author or a rock star to write a sweet and heartfelt poem or song for the man in your life.

Whether it’s your boyfriend, or your uncle, they will be delighted with this gift.

If you wrote a song, make sure you sing it to him.

If it’s a poem, frame it, and wrap it up for a nice touch!

3. Sew or Knit Something

Sew or Knit Something

If you can sew or knit, put that talent into good use!

Men get cold like the rest of us, so a cozy hat or scarf would be perfect for chilly weather.

Try to make something according to your man’s taste and style in clothes.

He will treasure anything you give him, but if you want him to actually wear it, make sure it’s comfortable and fits him right.

Men can be as picky as women when it comes to their clothes!

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