7 Decorating Tips for Renters ...


If you live in a rented apartment, then you could probably do with some decorating tips for renters.

Living in a home that you don’t own means living with someone else’s taste in décor, and everyone wants to personalise their home, even if they don’t own it.

However, since it’s not yours, you won’t want to go to a lot of effort or expense.

So I’ve come up with some decorating tips for renters that are quick, cheap, and simple …

1. Portable

The first of my decorating tips for renters is to ensure that any changes you make to the décor can be taken away with you.2

That means using textiles such as curtains, which can dramatically change the look of a room, or bringing in your own items wherever possible.

Then when you next move home, you can take everything with you.

2. Pictures

Pictures are an excellent way of changing the look of a rented home.

There are so many different ways of using pictures.

You can group together lots of small prints in a theme, frame your own photos, or use random pictures picked up from a flea market.

Or make a statement with a single, large dramatic piece.

You could even unleash your artistic side and paint a plain canvas – it doesn’t have to be great art!

3. Textiles

Textiles are absolutely brilliant for giving your rented home a new look.

If you’re good with a needle, then you can make some bespoke soft furnishings.

If you’re not so creative, then you can still make a big difference with purchased items.2

A lovely bedspread will revamp your bedroom, and throws are excellent for covering a sofa that you don’t like.

Curtains, cushions and other textiles are an easy and quick method of decorating a rented home, and can all be taken with you.

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