7 Cute Ways to Personalize Your Work Desk ...


There are a ton of reasons why you should personalize your work desk.

For one thing, studies have shown that those who take the time to personalize their workspace, or really any area that they work in and occupy for a long time, have a higher chance of success.

This is because they’re almost nesting, and they show that they feel comfortable where they are!

And we all know that you work better when you’re comfy.

So here are 7 cute ways to personalize your work desk!

1. Desk Accessories

Desk Accessories

Never underestimate the power of desk accessories to personalize your work desk.2

Because having a pen holder that you actually like, or a cute little cat that holds up your Post-It notes (my office buddy found hers at Target and it’s super cute), will make you a little happier and smile a bit more, especially on those dreaded Mondays.

2. A Plant, Any Plant

A Plant, Any Plant

Plants are the best way to brighten up your mood.

My mom always says that looking at something green will help stimulate your mind, and I believe her because every time I look my bamboo, I feel a little more refreshed.

Plus, green is easy on the eyes, so it relaxes them!2

3. Photos


This is a given;

you need to see pictures of things that make you smile (that are work appropriate obviously) because it reminds us what we’re working for, and that there’s a life outside of work as well.

4. Your Favourite Writing Utensil

Your Favourite Writing Utensil

I love writing with Sharpies.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick memo, a note to myself, or if I’m jotting down notes in a meeting, Sharpies make me happy.

Naturally, I have an abundance of these great markers!

We all need to write things down, so why not have fun while doing it?

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